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SAP® Records Management

Even today, managing files and documents costs businesses considerable time. Paperwork is often managed in an uncoordinated way and usually tends to be impossible to find when you need it the most. 

SAP® Records Management is a smart alternative to paper-based document management. The SAP solution links digital files to workflow processes in the company.
  • Manages all files with a single solution
  • Structured and process-oriented
  • Automatic update of electronic files via a professional workflow system.
  • Files from the most diverse sources (internet, email, content systems etc.) are included
  • Files from SAP systems and systems from other developers are merged
  • Manages regular paper files, hybrid files and electronic files
  • Supports conversion into electronic files
  • Numerous functions such as send, approve, manage, submit
  • Adapts easily through integration of additional services and applications
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SAP® NetWeaver

SAP® NetWeaver is an open integration and application platform for all SAP solutions and specific solutions from SAP partners. SAP NetWeaver is a web-based platform that serves as a foundation for Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) and enables company-wide integration of employees, information and business processes, independent of technology. Thanks to open standards, information and applications from practically any source and based on practically any technology can be integrated.

SAP NetWeaver is compatible with the most important technology standards, such as Java 2 Platform, Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and Microsoft .NET. The platform ensures maximum reliability, security and scalability, so that the business processes crucial to success run without a hitch.

SAP NetWeaver encompasses functions for Business Intelligence, Company Portals, Exchange Infrastructure, Master Data Management, Mobile Infrastructure and a Web Application Server.
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SAP® Enterprise SOA

SAP® Enterprise SOA is a software architecture which can be provided and used as services by means of regulation, defined processes and framework application. The particular demands of the service user determine in which granularity the service will be published.

SAP has been providing its customers with Enterprise Services since ERP2005. Seen technologically, these are web services; however, they harness the semantics of business and are based on a harmonised data model. Enterprise Services are the core components for the construction of a service-oriented application. The availability of Enterprise Services, the Enterprise Service Repository and other structural components as integral platform elements allows SAP NetWeaver to evolve into a Business Process Platform, which serves as the central integration platform for customers and forms the basis of all company software components.
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SAP® ArchiveLink

SAP® ArchiveLink is a service, integrated into the ABAP application server, which creates a link between discarded documents and the application documents linked in SAP NW AS ABAP.
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SAP® Interactive Forms by Adobe®

SAP® Interactive Forms by Adobe® is a collaborative solution from SAP and Adobe for the creation and editing of forms. This solution is closely integrated within the SAP design/time/duration sphere. Interactive Forms by Adobe has since ERP6.0 been partly a component of supplied standard components and processes (HCM and Employee Self Services (ESS)). Interactive Forms by Adobe is a long-term successor to SAP Script and Smartform technology.
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SAP® Business Workflow & Guided Procedures

SAP® Business Workflow & Guided Procedures support business processes that are not yet in the ERP system can be defined in a simple way with SAP Business Workflow. These can simply be release or approval processes, but also more complex business processes such as the layout of a material master and the related coordination of the participating departments. SAP Business Workflow can be particularly efficient when applied where workflows have to be continually repeated, or where an inheritance process requires a large amount of workers in a clearly defined sequence. 

SAP Business Workflow can also be used to react to errors and exceptional situations in other existing business processes. 

SAP makes available numerous workflows which map predefined business processes. These workflows can be implemented without major effort.